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SootEater ~ The Clean, Easy and Safe way to clean your chimney yourself.

 The SootEater is a revolutionary Rotary Chimney cleaning system, designed to make cleaning your chimney simple, easy and safe.

No more getting the ladder out and putting yourself in danger clambering around the roof with tonnes of equipment.

With a simple cordless drill and the SootEater cleaning system you can clean your chimney from inside your house.

Simple, easy and safe, the SootEater will make cleaning your chimney each year a breeze.

The SootEater kit includes all of the following

👉 8 x 900mm flexible rods with quick connect aluminium fittings (7.2m reach)
👉Drill adaptor and hex key
👉Durable whiphead brush
👉A comprehensive user manual

How the SootEater works

Watch the following video for an overview of how to use the Sooteater. It's so simple, you will be amazed!

Parts & Accessories

The Sooteater comes with a range of accessories which you can purchase separately as a replacement part or to add to your kit.

The Whip head is adjustable simply by trimming the length to suit the diameter of your flu.

The Flexi Rods are very flexible enabling you to get into the tightest of flu setups. They click together with ease and have a simple pop button to release to pull them apart.

Every kit comes with all parts needed to start cleaning your chimney straight away. Replacements and extras are available to purchase separately.


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