SootEater, the Clean, Easy and Safe way to clean your chimney, yourself.


The Clean, Easy and Safe way to clean your chimney yourself.

Introducing the SootEater, the revolutionary way to clean your chimney from the safety of your lounge. The SootEater cleans better than your traditional chimney brush. No need to get your ladder out and put yourself in danger on your roof.

Simple, easy and safe, the SootEater will make cleaning your chimney each year a breeze.

What’s Great about SootEater?

  • Cleans all types of flues – round, square, oval and rectangular
  • The Sooteater Chimney Cleaner will last for years (save money on chimney sweeps)! 
  • It's Safe to use: No need to climb on the roof (clean from the bottom with power) 
  • Reversible – spins both forward and reverse to clean square and rectangular flues 
  • Works with any drill (recommended 18v cordless)
  • Button-link quick-connect system
  • Replaceable whip head 
  • Replaces multiple sizes of traditional chimney brush cleaning equipment
  • Cleans better than a brush! 
  • Rotary flexible rods are durable and can make multiple bends – use year after year!
  • The durable Aluminium fittings are safe to use – avoid damaging stainless steel-lined flues
  • Trim-to-fit design 

See the SootEater in action ....


Ordering a SootEater kit is easy, just place your order right here through our website and we’ll ship it straight out to you from our Waikato warehouse.

You can expect to see it arrive within 4 business days, so you can get that chimney clean again!  Covid Related freight delays: Please allow an extra 4-5 days for any freight being delivered within Auckland, additionally allow for delays throughout the rest of New Zealand of up to 2 days. We anticipate these delays increasing over the next 2-3 weeks.


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