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* ​Sooteater Combo c/w Sooteater + Whiphead + Rod Twin Pack​



Sooteater Combo c/w Cleaner + Whiphead + Rod Twin Pack 

Includes 1 x SootEater Chimney Cleaner (with all of the following) 

  • 8 x 900mm flexible rods with quick connect aluminium fittings (7.2m reach)
  • Drill adaptor and hex key
  • Durable whiphead brush
  • A comprehensive user manual

Plus the following Items 

1 x SootEater Whip Head Replacement Whip Head

1 x SootEater Twin Pack of Extension Rods

  • 900mm length
  • Durable Nylon
  • Aluminium Fittings

Sooteater Combo - c/w Sooteater Chimney Cleaner + Rod Twin Pack + Replacement Whiphead from $249.99 including gst 

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