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SootEater Chimney Cleaner



SootEater Chimney Cleaner 

The SootEater Chimney Cleaner comes with all of the following:

  • 8 x 900mm flexible rods with quick connect aluminium fittings (7.2m reach)
  • Drill adaptor and hex key
  • Durable whiphead brush
  • A comprehensive user manual


  • Cleans all types of flues – round, square, oval and rectangular
  • Reversible – spins both forward and reverse to clean square and rectangular flues
  • Works with any drill
  • Button-link quick-connect system
  • Replaceable whip line
  • Replaces multiple sizes of traditional chimney brush cleaning equipment
  • Rotary flexible rods are durable and can make multiple bends – use year after year!
  • Aluminium fittings are safe to use – avoid damaging stainless steel-lined flues
  • Trim-to-fit design

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